Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimple-Creation Surgery in Faridabad

Dimple creation surgery has gained immense popularity in recent years. A lot of people are opting for it because of varied reasons. Some go for it as their favourite stars have it and some want it for adding to their attractiveness.

What is a dimple?

People who have got natural dimples are lucky to have been blessed by this feature. It is a result of a small opening which is there in the cheek muscle known as buccinator muscle. Dimples are heredity but with advance,net in modern technology, it can be created surgically.the surgery is minimally invasive and is known as dimpleplasty. Even people who are born with natural dimples can lose them or see a reduction in their depth. They can always go this surgery to keep their dimples looking attractive.

About the procedure

It is best to choose a board certified surgeon for this surgery. The expectation should be realistic. Surgeon first measures the face to locate the place where naturally occurring dimples would be located and then goes ahead with the procedure.
There are various types of dimples. Cheek dimples are the most common and are located on the cheeks. Chin dimple, also known as cleft chin, is less common but is considered to be a sign of youth and attractiveness. Chin dimple is a dominant trait therefore chances of having it are higher if one parent has it.

Ideal candidate for dimple creation surgery

Most of the people who have no serious medical condition can go for this surgery. This surgery is minimally invasive and safe. Surgeon goes through the medical history of the patient before going any further.
It is done under local anesthetiser most of the normal activities can be resumed following the procedure. There is no appearance of the surgery performed outside the mouth.
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Dimple Creation Surgery in Faridabad
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by Sadhana Pande on Dimple Creation Surgery in Faridabad
my confidence level has been improved significantly

Dr. Satya does beautiful work, not to mention his patience with all the questions and concerns I had before and after my procedure. He is very personable, and very prompt for anything you may need during/after surgery. Thanks to him, my confidence level has been improved significantly. My experience was amazing--I will be sure to recommend him to EVERYONE I know.

by Madhuri Kathe on Dimple Creation Surgery in Faridabad
Dr Satya and the staff at Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics are top notch!

Dr Satya and the staff at Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics are top notch! The level of knowledge, skill and personal care was beyond excellent and I highly recommend this team for your plastic surgery needs.