Facial Implants Surgery

Facial Implants Surgery in Faridabad

Facial implants are made use of to enhance certain facial features. This surgery can be elective or maybe required as a result of some prior surgery done on the face. This surgery involves placement of synthetic material deep under the subcutaneous tissues on the underlying bone there. This surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon or a maxillofacial surgeon. 
This surgery is performed to improve facial contours and correct imbalances in the face caused by injury or heredity traits. Facial implants provides the surgeons with a means to sculpt a person’s face. Facial implant surgery brings about balance and better proportion to the appearance of the face. 
Facial implants are solid materials which are compatible with human tissues. They are used to augment the facial structure. Size and type of the implant depends upon the desired results. 
Cost of facial implant varies and consists of anaesthesia fees, hospital charges, medical t sts and surgeon’s fees. It is best to choose a board certified surgeon for best results. 

About the surgery

In most of the cases, facial implant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis in a hospital. It can be performed under general or local anaesthesia. Most common IMO,ants are chin implants and cheek implants. Jaw angle implants and paranasa, implants are not very common. 
Chin implants are used to increase the projection of the chin in anterior or lateral fashion. The implant can be placed internally or externally. Sutures vary according to the approach and technique used.
Recovery from this surgery is quick. Banadages and dressings May be applied to the operation site to support healing. There may be visible swelling and it may take several months to subside. Immediate changes can be seen but once the swelling subsides, the changes can be seen properly. Final results of the facial implants are long lasting. Facial movements may be temporarily restricted but it is common. 

Ideal candidates for facial implants

Ideal candidates for facial implants are physically active, non smoker and have realistic expectations from the surgery. 
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