Fat Grafting Surgery

Fat Grafting Surgery in Faridabad

Fat grafting has been there for a very long time and has been usd for correcting both small and large volume of deficits. German surgeon named Gustavo Neuber first described this technique in the year 1893. He used it to transplant fat beneath strophic scars. Fat grafting has been there for a long time and is being used on a very wide scale by the surgeons in modern times. Hi quest of fat grafting has gone tremendous changes and advancement over the years.

Fat grafting is also known as autologous fat transfer. 

About the technique

In fat grafting, fat tissue is removed from other parts of the body such as thighs, belly and buttocks. The tissue is then processed and made into liquid which is then injected in the body part which need plumping up. Fat grafting is considered to be a safer procedure as it does not involve major surgery.  This procedure is considerably safe and well tolerated by the body. It gives a natural looking result.

When to consider fat transfer

A person looking for more permanent correction than the one provided by fillers should go for fat grafting. Fat grafting is also useful in rectifying sunken facial areas. It is used in breast Reconstruction.

Fat transfer results provided by fat grafting are natural and long lasting. The procedure is slightly time consuming as fat tissues have to be prepared. These are more expensive than dermal fillers and multiple sessions may be required to achieve ideal or desired results. Common areas for fat grafting are hands, face, buttocks and breasts.

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Fat Grafting Surgery in Faridabad
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Beautiful office, personal attention, expert service.

So impressed with Dr Satya from the very start. Beautiful office, personal attention, expert service. Would recommend him over and over. Can't say enough about him or his staff!